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Echo Ridge Homes was the right choice for building our home in 2013. We were pleased with the quality of our home. The open communication that Mark and Merle always had with us made us feel comfortable and informed. We felt taken care of when it came to making decisions and selections for our home as Mark was just as invested as we were in making our home exactly what we wanted. Echo Ridge Homes treats you like part of their building family and were always friendly and courteous. I am thankful that we were fortunate enough to have this company and these two invested men build the home we always dreamed of.

The Rathwell Family

Working with Echo Ridge Homes is always a guaranty of excellence and total dedication to the client. Echo Ridge treats their customers as family, with honesty, respect and loyalty. We enjoy every step of the project when working with Echo Ridge, knowing that the final product will always exceed our expectations. Thanks, Echo Ridge for doing business with us.

Andres Alverez, Calgary, Alberta

In 2007 we hired Echo Ridge to build our new vacation home at Buffalo Lake. We had purchased a timber frame package which created unique challenges which they were always able to overcome and in fact they suggested adjustments that we have come to very much appreciate. Overall it was a pleasure dealing with Mark & Merle and we found them accommodating, fair in their dealings with us and the quality of their work excellent. Thanks to Mark, Merle & crew.

Bill, Norma & Family

We purchased our home from Echo Ridge Homes in 2006. We couldn't be more satisfied or happy. We had to do some unplanned basement repairs 2 years ago, they were able & willing to help us out again and did a remarkable job. Their after sales service is great as well. We would definitely use them again should we ever decide to build or renovate again.

Glen & Kathy Adair

We were extremely happy with our choice to go with Mark, Merle, and the rest of their crew. They showed great workmanship and valuable experience. Our house package came with limited details for the build, which could have caused many problems and delays. Mark’s advice and communications were instrumental to a smooth project. Ours was an out of town build with limited face to face time, but between emails, texts and phone calls, we were never out of touch with the project. They were well organized, on time, and put in an extra effort at key junctures. Our neighbors often said they were impressed with Mark’s crew.

As is often the case, there were a few nominal unforeseen costs outside the contract that needed to be worked out at the end, and they were settled easily, quickly & fairly, with no hassles. We’d have no reservations about working with Echo Ridge again. In fact we are – Mark has organized electrical, plumbing, and mechanical trades. We trust his choices, saving us a lot of time and effort. I highly recommend Echo Ridge.

Ken Brandt

Echo Ridge Homes Inc. has been a conscientious, responsible builder on every occasion we have worked with him. The quality of workmanship pertaining to our field of foundation engineering has been considered high. It is in our opinion that Echo Ridge Homes Inc. would be a fine choice for any new home or renovation projects.

Smith Dow & Associates Ltd. (Red Deer) 403-343-6888

I found Merle someone is treats people with respect, describes what he wants, focus on the facts for scope of work and is after quality...

Don Nikonetz

I have been providing the roofing services for Echo Ridge Homes for over ten years. Their commitment to excellence and profesionalism allows us to provide the best workmanship possible.

Dean Babowal

I have followed Echo Ridge Homes for several years now. I was looking for a builder that took pride in their projects. In my opinion they are well qualified to build everything from high end homes to revenue properties.

Merle (the manager) is very easy to work with and always makes time to discuss the building process thoroughly at any phase of the project. In our case Echo Ridge Homes built a triplex rental property. It is just completed and we are showing it to prospective property management companies. Without exception, they all comment on the quality of the finished product.

This quality of finish always shows well, and for that reason we have been able to negotiate a lower rate with management companies and, I believe, attract a higher caliber of renter.

Merle understands what his customer wants and delivers. He is an excellent listener and great at explaining the details of the building process.

Glen Goertzen

Echo Ridge is a reputable builder, with a very high standard for craftsmanship, work quality and customer satisfaction. They deal with their subtrades in a very fair and equitable manner. Payment for services rendered has always been prompt and always within the terms of the agreement.

They have worked well to reach acceptable resolution on projects where scope and terms of services have changed midstream due to customer requests, material supply issues and other matters that come up on any construction project. They are a very fair company to work with and strive to have satisfied subtrades and customers.

Their work sites are orderly, with particular attention being paid to matters of safety for workers, and those in surrounding areas that may be affected by their work projects.

Customers can feel very comfortable with hiring Echo Ridge Homes for their construction projects and subtrades. Rest assured they will have a good working relationship with this builder.

D.S. Hankland

I hired Echo Ridge Homes to build my Triplex (Investment Property) in Red Deer. The construction went smooth, coordination was excellent, finishing professionally done. The walk through had no details to fix, I'm happy and impressed for the excellent workmanship. I recommend them to any family member and friends.

Humberto Pineda

Mark and Merle built our dream house last year. From excavation until the move in date it has been nothing but a positive experience. Merle has great design and building knowledge and was able to build the house we wanted. Mark was one of the leads on the building site and we appreciated his attention to detail.

One of the things that my husband and I appreciated most was that the contractors made sure we were up to date on all aspects of the build and never assumed they knew what we wanted. If there was a question about any of the details they made sure to ask us so that every detail was to our specifications. We are extremely happy in our new home and are so thankful we chose Echo Ridge as our builder.

M Boulton



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