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ICF Foundations and Walls (Insulated Concrete Forms)

Echo Ridge Homes Inc. has a solid history in building foundations and have been moving toward building green as better products become available. The team at Echo Ridge has been using the LOGIX ICF for some time and have found it to be the best product on the market in the insulated concrete forms building technology.

Logix basements Echo Ridge Logix Foundations With Echo Ridge

LOGIX insulated concrete forms is the #1 selling ICF in North America that is widely recognized as the strongest, most user friendly solid form ICF with superior strength and quick installation. Echo Ridge knew that cost savings could be passed onto the clients / homeowners by using this system as it is such a versatile product.



Thermograph Image of Logix Walled House Thermograph Image of Conventional House Framing

LOGIX is the easiest green building technology on the planet.
LOGIX, together - with concrete - gives you a structure that is environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, lasts longer and is quick to build.
LOGIX improves air quality, has a four-hour fire rating, superior sound resistance and is cost-effective.
ECHO RIDGE has a proven history, product readily available and the experience to complete your project on schedule.

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Also you can visit the Logix website.

Do you know?

  • An ICF wall is considered roughly 9 times stronger than a wood framed wall
  • We can build your whole house using ICF concrete walls
  • The home stays warmer in winter, cooler in summer
  • The structural integrity is amazing, it won't rot, infiltrate moisture, leak air, and concrete doesn't burn
  • The cost is about 10% higher than conventional frame construction
  • If you live where sound is a potential annoyance, ICF virtually eliminates the problem

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