Custom Homes

We build homes, not houses.  Lets us take your concepts and dreams, and bring them to reality.

If you already have plans, we will build for you. 

If you have just a 'napkin sketch' we can help you take it from there to design, to a finished product that you can truly call your own.  See our page on Home Designing.

If you want, we can point you to architects, or to catalogs of existing plans from which to choose.  See some links at the bottom of the page. 


Details do matter.  Fit and finish are what you look at every day.  Simple details such as fill and paint are attended with care. 

Your new home should have what we call a WOW factor.  When you enter, you should feel like you are at home.  Your guests should feel welcome, and first impressions are important. 


That same theme should extend to other parts of the house as well. 

Attention to finish and detail matters where you spend your time, and a lot of it is spent in your bedroom and master ensuite. 

Check our photo galleries for more examples of our work.

Our work is backed by Warranty. For details go to:

National Home Warranty


Visit here for some more great home plans!

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