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Echo Ridge Homes Inc. has existed as an incorporated business since 2005, but the roots of experience go much farther back. There are three principal shareholders in the company, all having had previous residential and commercial construction experience.

Echo Ridge Homes is making its mark in and around Central Alberta with new home construction, renovation work, and light commercial property. The company specializes in Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) basements and is adapting innovative technology with regard to insulation and energy efficiency. We plan to be on the leading edge of the green revolution, and can deliver on cost-effective yet energy efficient construction methods.

We have a saying - “we can’t do cheap.”

Whether we are building a starting home, renovating, or building your dream home we commit to doing it right. We will do it cost effectively, but won’t compromise. To back up our commitment, we enroll our homes in the National Home Warranty Program. Our security pledged to National Home Warranty and their quality assurance inspections mean we won’t leave you holding the bag. Our contracts and our quality are backed by National, a subsidiary of a major insurance underwriter in Canada. Ask us for the info! Better yet, click on their web page:

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Echo Ridge voted by the Houzz community as a winner of our Best of Houzz 2014 awards!

“We take pride in all our building projects - both commercial and residential,” says Merle Layden, President of Echo Ridge Homes. “We are very pleased to be recognized for our quality work by our customers and the Houzz community. We've had a busy winter and we're looking forward to a productive spring and summer season in 2014.”

Give us a call. We would love to help you complete your project! We are building several projects in rural central Alberta and the custom country home market continues to be strong. Our customers choose us as their builder because we have the experience, skills and systems to be successful in custom country building.


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